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FEATURING: Nadira Norjahan, Terrence Russell, Afi Soul, Raja-Nee, Camile Lawrence, Michelle Thompson, Lasro The King, Kia Renee, Jamia Hames, Lex, The Great TK and more…

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The long-awaited project from Music Producer Samuel Archer is NOW AVAILABLE everywhere.

Musician, Songwriter, Producer, and recording artist Samuel Archer has released his complete project, Soul Music Vineyard. It is a body of work that includes collaborating artists, instrumentals, and some surprises. The album has almost 30 songs.

Soul Music Vineyard features Nadira Norjahan, Terrence Russell, Afi Soul, Raja-Nee, Camille Lawrence, Michelle Thompson, Laser The King, Kia Renee, Jamia, Lex Raye, The Great T.K. and more…

To kick things off, the new single is "Unbothered," featuring singer-songwriter, Kia Renee. Singles already released from the project include "Free" by Afi Soul, "Nostalgia" by Nadira Norjahan, and "Quality" by Samuel.

The entire project promises to be an enjoyable journey of organic melodious songs and clever instrumentation expressing soul music on various levels. As a vigneron tends a vineyard, Sam tended to all the selections on the project with a very meticulous hand. Each song is like a glass of wine served with care.

Please note that "Soul Music Vineyard" will not be available on major streaming platforms for some time. Music lovers that truly intend to support indie artists can show their support by purchasing and downloading the complete project at selected online locations, in this case, Bandcamp.


Samuel has worked with artists and groups B2K, Horace Brown, 112, Courtney Fadlin, His Voice, Lovener Walcott, Aquannette Chinnery, Delroy Souden, Miriam Corlette Williams, and Nhojj, to mention a few. He has contributed music to T.V. shows - Dr. 90210, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Property Ladder, How Clean Is Your House, Millionaire Matchmaker, and many others. He has also scored for films such as The Lockdown Club, All I Want, Moving In, Blue Suitcase, The Documentary: On The Road to Love Pain & Redemption, and more. 


Sam is also known for his collaborative productions with Philadelphia native, celebrated singer, songwriter, and poet Nadira Norjahan. In 2013 Samuel and Nadira joined creative forces. They released Nadira Norjahan's Double A-Side [2014], Nadira Norjahan's Double A-Side, II [2015], Love Pain & Redemption [2016], which is her full-length debut album. Singles "Hot Chocolate," "Love & Honey," and "SugaCane," were released between 2017 and 2020. Her latest album, Nadira Norjahan's Return to Alkebulan, was released on July 31st, 2021. 


Another highlight for Sam in 2021 is his remix feature with songstress, Raja-Nee with the song "Come Get The Love." 



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